You’ve Been Buying The Wrong Bacon This Whole Time

Bacon’s moment as a culinary fad — where it became an ice cream flavor, the filling of a sandwich where the chicken was the bread, and even a type of lubricant — has waned a bit in the past few years. And that’s probably a good thing. Trend-followers took bacon past the point of its intended use, and why we loved it in the first place sort of got lost in the craze.

Now, we can return to what’s really special about those crispy strips of meaty goodness: their incomparable flavor as a sandwich filler and breakfast component. But when you head out to the store to buy a pack, what brand can give you the best salty, savory experience? We tried a bunch, and as it turns out, you’ve been buying the wrong bacon this whole time.

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Jamestown Brand | 0:00
Smithfield Hometown | 0:54
Hormel Black Label | 1:16
Boar’s Head | 1:44
Hormel Black Label Thick Cut | 2:11
Market Pantry | 2:39
Kirkland Signature | 2:59
Applegate Naturals | 3:29
Oscar Mayer | 4:04
Peter Luger | 4:38

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