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Guess what Dan’s favorite food is? Hint: It miiiiight just be oysters. Follow along to learn more about the different varieties and how to eat them. Leave your comments for your favorite way to top oysters below!

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Get the recipe for Soy and Lime Marinated Scallions: https://cooks.io/3uTUMKg
Get the recipe for Roasted Oysters with Mustard Butter: https://cooks.io/3BrxcqD

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00:00 – 0:20 – Introduction
0:20 – 1:50 – The five oyster species in North America
1:50 – 2:48 – What accounts for the variety in oysters’ flavor?
2:48 – 4:27 – The seasonality of oysters
4:27 – 5:48 – How to shop for, store, and eat oysters at home
5:48 – 8:34 – How to shuck an oyster
8:34 – 9:02 – Garnishes for raw oysters
9:02 10:21- How to make roasted oysters at home
10:21 10:46 – Credits

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