Why Do The Best Chefs Want This Strawberry?

Known as one of the sweetest and juiciest strawberries in the country, Harry’s Berries is a cult favorite among almost everyone who’s had them, us included. So, we’re here to find out why some of the best restaurants not only seek out these strawberries, but also, put their name on the menu.

0:00 Ever noticed this?
0:48 Who is Harry?
1:38 Gaviotas
2:06 How to pick strawberries
3:19 Mara des Bois
4:36 How did these end up in restaurants?
6:06 Kanpachi Crudo
8:24 What happens to overripe strawberries
9:28 Strawberry cocktail
10:58 Brillat Savarin Cheesecake
12:48 What makes these strawberries so good?

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