Why Costco Stopped Selling Its All-American Chocolate Cake

Not everyone has a local Costco where they can shop. And not everyone who lives near a Costco chooses to shop there. Yet those who do consider themselves Costco fans are truly devoted. Many of them have favored items that keep bringing them back again and again, like the rotisserie chickens.

One such item was the All-American Chocolate Cake, a go-to for any party or gathering that required cake for a lot of people. But then those cakes quietly disappeared from the wholesale retailer’s shelves in 2020. Some of Costco’s biggest fans were suddenly very upset. What happened? This is why Costco stopped selling its All-American Chocolate Cake.


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Global pandemic | 0:00
Quarantine baking | 1:07
Another cake canceled | 2:03
Supply chain issues | 3:00
This is normal | 3:49
A surprising comeback | 4:28

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