When It Comes To Bacon, This Type Stands Above The Rest

If you’re an American, when you hear the word "bacon," you typically think of one thing: strips of fatty, salty pork, specifically from the belly of the pig. And if that’s the bacon you’re most interested in, there are some great options for what to buy at the grocery store. We can tell you the best of the best.

But around the world, bacon can mean some very different things. It can come from different parts of the pig, be spiced in different and interesting ways, and have a very different flavor profile. So if you’re looking to expand your horizons into some international bacon, we’ve got you covered, too. When it comes to bacon, this type stands above the rest.

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Applegate is one of the best | 0:00
A bacon for all occasions | 2:04
Pancetta may be the world’s best | 3:10

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