What You Need To Know Before Ordering Steak At Outback Again

According to People, a majority of Americans are not comfortable hanging out with people who don’t like their steak cooked in the same way as they do. Given that a lot is at stake around a piece of steak, it sure seems important to know more about it. This is why we have done research into one of America’s most loved steakhouses, Outback Steakhouse. From the way they source their meat, to the way the cook it and what they pair it with – there’s a lot to uncover. Keep watching to find out what you need to know before ordering steak at Outback again!


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Fresh for a reason | 0:00
Cooking varieties | 0:52
Outback uses high-quality meat | 1:36
Most steak combos include seafood | 2:25
Sirloin is king | 3:07
Six signature steaks | 4:00
17 herbs and spices | 4:50
Espresso butter | 5:56
How clean is the kitchen? | 6:42
The best in the country | 7:22
The steaks are not marinated | 8:19
Thanks ‘Crocodile Dundee’ | 9:03

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