What You Need To Know Before Eating Capicola

Cured meat, if you eat it, is one of life’s great pleasures. The combination of salt, fat and savory sinew is undeniable, whether piled onto a sandwich, served up on a charcuterie platter, or eaten right out of the package. Sure, there are health setbacks to eating something with so much sodium, but that’s what makes it a treat, right?


One such type of treat is capicola, which you may have heard referred to by another name if you’re a "Sopranos" fan. If you’re an American, you’ve probably heard about it more than you’ve actually had it. So what is it, exactly? And what makes it different from other cured meats, like bacon? Here’s what you need to know before eating capicola.


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What is it? | 0:00
It’s ancient | 1:07
What’s in a name? | 1:54
Other cured meats | 3:05
Doesn’t have to be cooked | 4:01
How to make it | 4:58
Also known as gabagool | 5:52
How to serve it | 7:19
Nutritional value | 8:25
Curing makes it safe | 9:34
Special kinds | 10:35
What’s it taste like? | 11:54


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