What You Don’t Know About The Pioneer Woman

For the last decade, Ree Drummond has been serving up home cooked meals on the Food Network as the Pioneer Woman. Drummond, who lives on a working Oklahoma ranch with her cowboy husband, Ladd, and their kids, is known for her easy, comforting style of cooking and her friendly, down-home attitude.

Over the years, Drummond has turned what started as a home cooking blog into what many would consider a food empire. Today, she’s the star of a hit TV show, the owner of several businesses, and the author of numerous books. Truly, there’s more to this TV cook than you might think. This is what you don’t know about the Pioneer Woman.

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Surprising childhood obsession | 0:00
Down to earth | 0:49
Relatable hobbies | 1:35
Love at first sight | 2:11
Biggest food aversion | 2:49
No music while cooking | 3:25
Visit her restaurant | 3:51
Her country life | 4:25
Not originally country | 5:00
No stress | 5:39
Still humble | 6:04
Children’s author | 6:39

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