What To Know Before Buying Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Again

Mayonnaise is not the kind of thing people spend a lot of time thinking about. For most people, you either like it, or you don’t, and that’s that. But there’s a lot to learn about this ubiquitous mix of oil, acid, and egg yolk – especially the leading name brand that you might just have in your fridge or cupboard already.


Hellman’s mayonnaise (also sold under the brand name Best Foods) is one of the most popular condiments in America, appearing on burgers, sandwiches, in tuna salads, and even in… cakes? Yep – cakes.


If you want to learn more about what you’re putting on your plate – and in your body! – here’s what to know before buying Hellmann’s mayonnaise again.


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Origins of a classic | 0:00
Hellmann’s or Best Foods | 1:06
The real deal | 2:16
Hellmann’s helps the environment | 3:13
Chocolate mayonnaise cake | 4:12
Chefs love Hellmann’s | 5:10
Mayonnaise in coffee? | 6:18
Default condiment | 7:20
No refrigeration needed | 8:21
Award-winning bottle | 9:37
Vegan-friendly Hellmann’s | 10:32

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