What The Cameras Don’t Show You On MasterChef Junior

If you love watching talented home chefs make Michelin-star-worthy meals, then you’re probably a fan of FOX’s "MasterChef." But don’t sleep on "MasterChef Junior," the show’s spunky little sibling. "MasterChef Junior" has everything you love about "MasterChef" — great food, fun challenges, surprise guests, Gordon Ramsay shouting and rubbing his eyes — but with an adorable twist. Little home chefs from the ages of 8–13 compete on "MasterChef Junior," which is much sweeter and kid-friendly than its grown-up counterpart. With all those kids running around, things must get pretty hectic behind-the-scenes. This is what the cameras don’t show you on "MasterChef Junior."


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Showbiz education | 0:00
Watchful eye | 1:17
Safety first | 2:19
Knife skills | 3:30
Auditions | 4:15
Downtime | 5:14
Friends for life | 5:54
Publicity | 6:35
Break time | 7:48
A little finessing | 8:48

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