What The Cameras Don’t Show You On Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy Fieri is more than just a celebrity chef. The inked-up culinary icon has become something of a TV institution, known just as much for his signature bleached hair and rock-and-roll attitude as his many successful television shows. While likely best known for his Food Network series, "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," these days, Fieri boasts a fascinating new gig as host of the ever-exciting cooking competition show "Guy’s Grocery Games."


In "Guy’s Grocery Games," contestants are tasked with completing a series of cooking challenges within the walls of Flavortown Market, a (nearly) real grocery store built solely for the show. And while anything can — and does — happen on the colorful and chaotic set, there’s still a lot of details that even the biggest Fieri fanatics might not know. This is what the cameras don’t show you on "Guy’s Grocery Games."


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Welcome to Flavortown | 0:00
Fully stocked | 1:10
Power drain | 2:08
No food waste | 2:41
Attention to detail | 3:30
Smile for the camera | 4:12
Grueling ordeal | 4:57
Could the next star be you? | 6:02
The compassion of Guy Fieri | 6:49
You are not prepared! | 7:43
Cleanup on aisle six | 8:33
Judging is hard work | 9:12

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