What Red Lobster Employees Wish You Knew

Red Lobster has been serving up seafood for more than 50 years, so it’s fair at this point to call it a restaurant institution. Seafood can mean different things to different people depending on where they live, but one constant throughout the U.S. has been Red Lobster’s menu. The Florida-based chain has more than 700 locations around the world now, and it’s even been credited with inventing some common seafood dishes.

You may think you know Red Lobster and its menu pretty well, but even seasoned diners could probably learn a thing or two from the people who work there. This is what Red Lobster employees wish you knew.


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Odd number of biscuits | 0:00
All that butter | 1:22
Neverending Endless Shrimp | 2:36
Specials still available | 3:46
Gluten-free options | 4:50
Taking biscuits home will cost | 6:01
Asking for grilled lobster | 6:58
Really fresh fish | 8:06

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