What It’s Like To Work At Bob Evans, According To Employees

Bob Evans has been serving homestyle food to the masses since 1948, so it goes without saying that scores of employees have come and gone throughout the decades. As it goes with any restaurant chain, the employee experience varies greatly depending on who’s dishing on their workplace realities. On one hand, a satisfied 90-year-old employee says she’ll work there until she reaches 100. Meanwhile, others have quit due to sexual harrasment or were straight-up let go via a two-line form letter. So what’s the story behind such discrepancies? Here’s what it’s really like to work at Bob Evans, according to employees.


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It’s a positive work environment | 0:00
It’s a good first job | 1:32
It gets messy | 2:43
Employee discount | 4:13
Employees are treated like family | 5:24
…until they aren’t | 6:44
Some customers can be difficult | 8:21
Harassment | 9:13
The boy who dined | 12:59
Low pay | 11:43


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