What Is Mofongo And What Does It Taste Like?

Despite what you may have picked up from that hilarious "SNL" Weekend Update segment in which Keenan Thompson plays former baseball player David Ortiz, "mofongo" is more than just a fun word to say. In fact, the beloved staple of Puerto Rican cuisine is enjoyed by tons of foodies around the world — and it’s even found huge recent success in none other than The Big Apple.

When made right, mofongo is simultaneously simple and deceptively complex, as it requires you to perform a number of tasks in a limited window of time to get the flavor and texture just right. And while making the deep-fried, plantain-based dish properly is no simple task, there’s one step that you can take to get a head start — and that is answering two questions: What is mofongo and what does it taste like?


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