What Burger King Employees Wish You Knew

If you ever wished to know the secret code that could get you the freshest food at a fast food restaurant or just help you avoid making the employees mad at you, those tips are out there. Current and former workers often take to TikTok and Reddit to offer up insight into their experiences on the job, as well as give customers tips for how to make things easier for both customers and workers alike.


At Burger King, that "secret code" could involve employees making small talk, knowing just what to say to get a fresh burger patty, or which menu items to avoid. This is what Burger King employees wish you knew.

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Secret phrase for fresh patties | 0:00
Don’t order Big Kings | 1:23
Avoid the grilled chicken | 2:18
Bad work environment | 2:56
Menu hacks | 3:55
Must make small talk | 4:56

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