Wendy’s Tricks You Fall For Every Time

Super popular fast food chain Wendy’s is known for a lot of things. From its old-fashioned square burgers and addictive Frostys to its iconic redheaded mascot, the burger chain is an American fast food staple with enough f anatics to give Burger King and McDonald’s a run for their money.


Wendy’s is also known for having some of the snarkiest online marketing around, roasting the aforementioned competition at every opportunity — and fans can’t get enough! But a meme-savvy marketing strategy isn’t the only thing keeping customers coming back to the burger joint again and again. These are just some of Wendy’s tricks you fall for every time!


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"Healthy" salads I 0:00
Limited-time menu items I 1:18
Loyalty program and app I 2:29
Hiding the value options I 3:41
Paying more for soda I 4:46
Ads on Wendy’s packaging I 5:32
Limited-time discounts I 6:23
Entertaining ads I 7:15
Comparing itself to the competition I 8:11
Frosty coupons and tags I 9:15


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