We Tried 13 Canned Salmon Brands & This Was The Best

Hungry for something quick, easy, and super nutritious? A fan of seafood — and portable meals? Then it’s hard to go wrong with canned salmon. And while you could pop open a can of the stuff and dig in straight away, canned salmon is actually incredibly versatile — and, when done right, it can help you turn a boring dish into a tasty and healthy meal (for a fraction of the price of fresh seafood, at that).


Like all pre-packaged foods, though, there’s a pretty significant gap between the highest-quality salmon and the stuff you should probably leave in the canned goods aisle. But fear not, as we’ve thrown together an extra helpful guide that’ll help you navigate the many popular brands out there. In fact, we tried 13 canned salmon brands and this was the best!


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Kirkland | 0:00
Chicken of the Sea | 1:04
Bumble Bee | 1:51
StarKist | 2:35
365 Everyday Value | 3:30
Trader Joes | 4:22
Vital Choice | 5:01
Pure Alaska Salmon Co Redhead | 5:48
Rubinsteins | 6:34
Double Q | 7:19
Crown Prince | 8:06
Safe Catch | 8:44
Wild Planet | 9:35

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