Watch This Before You Buy Crystal Head Vodka

Watch This Before You Buy Crystal Head Vodka

You’ve probably come across Crystal Head Vodka before. After all, its skull-shaped bottle and often-colorful design flourishes make it pretty hard to miss when you’re walking through liquor aisles. But the shape of the bottle isn’t the only notable aspect of this vodka brand; there’s also the fact that it was invented by former SNL performer Dan Akroyd. It seems this former funnyman decided to turn to vodka distilling in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Perhaps even more surprisingly, he’s turned out to be much better at vodka distilling than he was as a comedy star. Let’s take a peek inside the head as we dig into the untold truth of Crystal Head Vodka.

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Famous creator | 0:00
Mexican Day of the Dead | 1:06
Unique bottle | 2:04
Ontario ban | 2:43
Agave-based vodka | 3:56
Award-winning spirit | 4:44
21,000 bottles stolen | 5:27
Infused with diamonds | 6:07
Vodka martini | 6:55
Lawsuits | 7:45
On tour with The Rolling Stones | 8:38
Indiana Jones release | 9:11

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