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Watch This Before Taking Another Sip Of Maker’s Mark

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Watch This Before Taking Another Sip Of Maker’s Mark

Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned glass of Kentucky bourbon — or a delicious cocktail made from the stuff — is just what the doctor ordered to take the edge off after a long day. And whether you’re a boozy newbie or a decorated drinker, it’s hard to go wrong with Maker’s Mark. The bourbon is one of the most popular and beloved options out there, even managing to score a top-five spot in 2020’s best-selling American whiskey brands. But even those familiar with the liquor and the distillery that produces it might need to brush up on their trivia. That’s why you need to watch this before taking another sip of Maker’s Mark.

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Making their mark | 0:00
It’s not rocket science | 1:11
Full proof | 2:03
A national historic landmark | 3:13
The Kentucky bourbon trail | 4:18
Margie’s mark | 5:22
Rotating the barrels | 6:24
Local ingredients | 7:14
Maker’s Mark is owned by Suntory | 8:09
New releases | 9:00
Sustainability leadership | 9:46

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