Unexpected Things You Should Be Cooking In The Microwave

It’s easy to turn your nose up at the microwave as a kitchen appliance. After all, it can be seen as a shortcut that bypasses actual cooking. But is that always a bad thing?

While it’s hard to beat the joys of cooking meals from scratch, we don’t always have the time to prepare food the way we’d like. That’s where the microwave comes in handy. But it’s not just for heating up TV dinners. There are plenty of tricks you may have never considered that can be accomplished using this common appliance. Here are some unexpected things you should be cooking in the microwave.


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Bacon without the spatter | 0:00
Single-serve frittatas | 0:35
Steamed milk for a latte hack | 0:58
Toasted nuts without burning | 1:24
Eggs all the ways | 1:48
Popcorn minus the iffy ingredients | 2:40
Toasted coconut without the hassle | 3:10
Super-speedy roasted garlic | 3:37
Easy corn on the cob | 4:03
Dried herbs in seconds | 4:24
Healthy chips without the dehydrator | 5:07


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