Underrated Frozen Foods You Should Be Buying


Underrated Frozen Foods You Should Be Buying

In the world of food, the fresher the better, right? Surprisingly, that’s not always the case. While foodies might turn their noses up at the pre-made goods and frozen foods in the freezer aisle, there are some ingredients that are simply better frozen and pre-packaged. We’re not just talking about taste, either. From convenience to flavor, these frozen foods blow their fresh counterparts out of the water… and into the frying pan. Next time you’re at the grocery store, give these frozen alternatives a try before heading to the fresh produce section. Here are the underrated frozen foods you should be buying.

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Avocado | 0:00
Gyoza wrappers | 1:34
Edamame | 2:33
Grains | 3:46
Cauliflower rice | 4:52
Carrots | 5:46
Phyllo dough | 6:48
Winter squash | 7:49
Peas | 8:39
Texas toast | 9:21

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