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Let’s make Italian dessert called Tiramisu…quick n easy no bake dessert..

Ingredients 👇

Lady finger biscuits
200 gms sugar syrup
3gms Instant coffee
100 gms egg yolk
7 gms vanilla extract
65gms Sugar
500 mascarpone cheese
150 gms Whipping cream

Instructions 👇

Take egg yolks in a bowl and in a bain Marie (double boiler) heat the egg yolks to 60°C.
You can also use pasteurized egg yolks then no need to heat them.
Beat the egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone cheese until frothy. You can add vanilla extract if you wish.
Do not over beat mascarpone otherwise it will split.
Whip cream lightly and fold in slowly in mascarpone mix.
Mix instant coffee in sugar syrup and let it cool down completely.
In a baking dish arrange lady fingers.
For first layer soak the biscuits only from one side.
Place it on a dish with soaked side facing up.
Pour in mascarpone mix.
Then again one more layer of biscuits, this time soak completely and quickly.
Pour in the remaining mixture of mascarpone.
Dust chocolate powder on top.