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I was stoked to finally get my hands on Meati mushroom mycelium steaks and WHOA… WHOA this vegan steak is everything! It is BY FAR the closest to animal based steak that I have ever had.
I wanted to try it first, but then I also wanted to make it into something fun…

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The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!

GHANAIAN DELICACY🔥/ CHICKEN LIGHT SOUP #shorts #giveityourbestshort #ghanaianfood #ghanafood #fufu
Focaccia Panzanella - Tuscan Bread & Tomato Salad - Food Wishes

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