this is what happens when you make peanut butter too smooth

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Ever notice how some things taste smooth on the tongue, and some things taste a little gritty.

For example, in my how to make a chocolate video, the bar we ended up with was grainy, however, the stuff you buy from the store definitely isn’t. Why is this? Well, it’s definitely a tongue hack.


When grinding something like a peanut down to a small size, or tongue can distinguish between the peanut particles up to a point, but once this little crush up peanuts get smaller than what our tongues can distinguish our tongue perceives it as completely smooth and you can’t tell a difference anymore.

So how small is this limit? How fine do we need to grind something before we can’t taste the individual pieces anymore?

Today I wanna use various methods to grind up some peanut butter and test the limit of the human tongue.

============= Links ==================
Microscope: Dino-Lite Edge AM73915MZT 5.0MP
Mixing Bowls:
Mortar and Pestle:
Food Processor:

============= Video Equipment ==================
Lens Adaptor:

============= Ingredients ==================
Spanish Peanuts
Vegetable oil
Peanut oil

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