This Is Hands Down The Best Smoothie King Menu Item

A smoothie is a tasty, fresh and (usually) healthy way to start the day. But it’s a lot of trouble to make them at home. You have to chop up all those fruits and vegetables, run them through the blender long enough to make sure everything is smooth, and then do the clean-up. It’s certainly more convenient to drop by Smoothie King and let them do the work for you.


Whatever your fancy, Smoothie King probably has something for you. Vegan? They’ve got you. On a keto diet? You have options. Want to get a boost for your workout? You can get that, too. But if you’re just looking for the most delicious smoothie on their menu, we did the research for you. This is hands-down the best Smoothie King menu item.


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Original High Protein Lemon | 0:15
Banana Boat | 0:52
Pineapple Surf | 1:48
Lemon Twist Banana | 2:48
Strawberry X-Treme | 3:10
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood | 4:03
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger | 4:49
Green Tea Tango | 5:30
Muscle Punch | 6:14
Tart Cherry X-Treme | 6:53
Keto Champ Berry | 7:36
MangoFest | 8:04
Vegan Mango Kale | 8:58
Passion Passport | 9:34
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango | 10:26
Blueberry Heaven | 11:14
Berry Interesting | 12:04
Daily Warrior | 12:50
Gladiator Chocolate | 13:32
The Hulk Coffee | 14:15
Hydration Watermelon | 15:05
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana | 15:58


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