“Pabalat”, or the art of papercutting, involves making precise and intricate designs from Japanese paper. The beautiful designs are then used to cover pastillas de leche, a popular dessert made with fresh buffalo’s milk. Naty Ocampo-Castro has been making pabalat for over a decade and was mentored by her mother, Luz Ocampo, who is considered one of the first who started the art of pabalat making in San Miguel, Bulacan. As the world continues to modernize every single day, Ms. Naty is the perfect example of how preserving one’s culture serves as a pillar of strength for communities and a country’s heritage.

Pabalat / Borlas De Pastillas by Ms. Naty Ocampo-Castro || Ocampo’s Specialty Products – 83 Inang Wika St., Caniogan, Malolos City, Bulacan

Sweet Bulakenya – 34 Buencamino St., San Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan

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(0:00) Intro
(1:15) Ms. Naty Ocampo-Castro
(1:34) The Origin of Pabalat
(2:31) Nanay Luz
(7:10) Pastillas de Leche by Sweet Bulakenya
(9:24) The Legacy
(11:25) Outro
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