These STUFFED BELL PEPPERS are meat-free and cheese-free but loaded with flavour

These STUFFED BELL PEPPERS are meat-free and cheese-free but loaded with flavour

Get the recipe for Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers:

These vegan stuffed bell peppers are easy to make, tasty and fulfilling. You can fill them with your favourite grain and legumes, we show you several combinations below. While there’s no meat or cheese, these stuffed pepper are packed with protein and flavour.

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5 bell peppers
🌱 For the filling
200 g (1 cups) rice
200 g (1 cups) red lentils
2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion
400 (14.5 oz) canned tomatoes
30 g (1 handful) parsley
½ tsp salt
1 L (2 cups) water
2 tbsp vegetable stock powder
🌱 For the topping (you can use your favorite vegan toppings)
100 g (1 cup) vegan ricotta
100 g (½ cup) soy yogurt unsweetened
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp parsley

In the refrigerator
Our vegan stuffed bell peppers are the perfect food for meal prep as they can be stored in the refrigerator in the pot in which you cooked them and covered with a lid for up to 3 days. Their flavour will be even more intense the day after you cooked them.

0:00 How to make vegan filling for bell peppers
2:58 How to clean bell peppers
3:53 Stuff the bell peppers
4:51 Topping for stuffed bell peppers
5:59 Variations

These recipes are 100% plant-based (#vegan), and so without milk, without butter, without cheese, without eggs, and without any animal-based products.

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Italia Plant Based
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