These Are Hands Down The Best Steakhouses In America

Steakhouses are an American tradition, from the fanciest eateries in the largest cities to the down-home local spots yards away from the cattle. While many steakhouses are happy to keep up methods that have been around since the first steakhouse in the U.S., Delmonico’s in New York, opened in 1837, others are just as happy to break away from the old ways and do something new.


Steakhouses of both types are represented in our list of the top places in the country to chow down on some top-quality beef. Get ready for a road trip. These are, hands down, the best steakhouses in America.


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Tony’s of Lexington | 0:00
Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse | 1:16
STK Orlando | 2:26
CUT Beverly Hills | 3:41
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse New York City | 5:04
Cattleman’s Club Steakhouse | 6:30
RPM Steak | 7:39
Sperry’s Belle Meade | 8:40
Knife | 9:37
Bern’s Steak House | 10:46

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