These Are Hands Down The Best Sandwiches In The U.S.

Sandwiches can be many things. It can be a simple PB&J you make in a hurry before packing up and heading off for work or school. Or it can be something an experienced chef puts so much time and effort into, it’s akin to a work of art.

If you traverse the full breadth of the United States, you can absolutely find some sandwiches that fit into the latter category. And many of them at prices well below what you’d expect to pay for high art. From deli classics to barbecue, lobster, and cheesesteak, these are hands down the best sandwiches in the U.S.


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The New-G/OG roast beef at Jeff’s Table | 0:00
The Green Bean at Meat Cheese Bread | 1:26
The Croqueta Preparada at Sanguich de Miami | 2:31
The Number 3 at Devil’s Dill | 3:31
The chopped pork at Stamey’s | 4:37
The hot pepper cheesesteak at Batch Gastropub | 5:45
The lobster roll at The Clam Shack | 6:55
The Monster at Laspada’s | 8:06
The Viet Pom at Pom Pom’s | 9:27
The Masa y Papa at Güero | 10:34
The house-made mozzarella at Pane Bianco | 11:58


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