These Are Hands Down The Best Mexican Restaurants In The U S

Mexico would be worth visiting even if you did nothing but eat in restaurants. However, not all of us have the time, resources, or opportunity to visit the birthplace of the taco, so we have to rely on restaurants in the United States to give us the authentic experience. "Authentic" is a tricky word, and not all of these restaurants strive for it. Instead, they opt to build upon the foundation that classical Mexican cooking laid. Others, however, do attempt to recreate the genuine Mexican experience for people who live far across the border. Either way, these are hands down the best Mexican restaurants in the US.


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Cosme | 0:00
South Philly Barbacoa | 1:46
Guelaguetza | 2:56
Topolobampo | 4:32
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana | 5:41
Empellón Cocina | 6:51
Mi Tierra Café & Bakery | 7:57
El Charro Café | 9:08
La Casita Mexicana | 10:32
Coni’Seafood | 11:50
Nopalito | 12:52
Californios | 14:18
El Sarape | 15:32
Barrio Café | 16:55
Guisados | 18:08
Casa Enrique | 19:34
Oxomoco | 20:42
Carnitas Uruapan | 21:51
Xochi | 23:18
Taco María | 24:34
Claro | 25:38

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