The Untold Truth Of Noel Fielding

When Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins left “The Great British Bake Off” in 2016, there was one big question: Would the show be as good with new hosts? Luckily, Noel Fielding was more than up for the challenge. As a surprise to many fans, the comedian not only fit right in with the playful “Bake Off” vibe, he managed to make the show even more delightful.

And while many people are just now getting to know and love Fielding, he’s actually been around British TV for years. We’re digging deep into the comedian’s life and career. This is the untold truth of Noel Fielding.


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The Mighty Boosh | 0:00
For the love of cake | 0:53
Celebrated artist | 1:37
Lord of the dance | 2:02
Tubby goth outrage | 2:45
Trend setter | 3:25
Breaking and entering | 4:07
Amy Winehouse | 4:44
Green thumb | 5:27
Keeping it real | 6:07
He’s how old?! | 6:45
Father figure | 7:30
He’s a Motörhead | 8:10
Fond farewell | 8:54


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