The Untold Truth Of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

What happens when you mix the hit 1998 Disney feature "Mulan," McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Happy Meals, and a raunchy Adult Swim cartoon about aliens and time travel? An unexpected real-life rush for a condiment called Szechuan Sauce. "Rick and Morty" fans stormed McDonald’s outlets across the country in October 2017, hoping to get a packet of the stuff, which was prominently featured in the cartoon. The McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce saga involves an improbable mix of pop culture worlds colliding, leaving a bizarre real-word impact. This is the untold truth of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, both before and after its "Rick and Morty"-inspired infamy.


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Released to promote Mulan | 0:00
Heavily criticized | 0:53
Not exactly authentic | 1:38
A Rick and Morty cameo | 2:21
A disastrous re-release | 3:12
Inflated prices | 4:05
A car for some sauce | 4:44

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