The Untold Truth Of Canned Bacon

Bacon’s popularity and ubiquity may have waned a bit in recent years, but not by much. We’re no longer in the "Ron Swanson meme" bacon heyday, but it’s undoubtedly still an immensely popular menu item across the globe. When it’s fresh from the pan and prepared properly, there’s nothing quite like it, and it can be used in a wide variety of ways, in a wide variety of world cuisines. But have you ever considered canned bacon? Yep, such a thing exists, and there’s a long history behind it. It’s even been to space! This is the untold truth of canned bacon.


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It’s French in origin | 0:00
It’s been to space | 1:27
It’s stored in bunkers | 3:02
It’s been to Antarctica | 4:12
It’s been to war | 6:02
It’s heat pasteurized | 6:57
It’s healthier than fresh bacon | 8:01
It’s big in Japan | 9:43
It’s a luxury treat | 10:42

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