The Truth About Working For DoorDash

It’s hard to deny the impact that food delivery companies like DoorDash have had on modern living. Now that you can get your grub on with a few taps on your smartphone and a quick trip to your front door, satisfying your fast food cravings is easier than ever. And while DoorDash has changed the lives of its users, it’s also had an impact on potential employees seeking work, whether that means "Dashing" full-time or relegating it to a side hustle.


To some, the idea of working for DoorDash might seem too good to be true, with the freedom to make one’s own hours and the opportunity for extra income being two main selling points. Others, however, might find some of the company’s policies and practices a bit on the shady side. In the end, as is the case with most companies, the gig has its pros and its cons. This is the truth about working for DoorDash.


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Flexibility is nice | 0:00
Low base pay | 1:27
Tips are crucial | 2:48
Better as a side hustle | 4:01
Order acceptance rates matter | 5:12
Restaurants aren’t always friendly | 6:30
Fired for stealing food | 7:57
All employees make deliveries | 8:59
Wear and tear on car | 9:58
Tipping model lawsuit | 10:54

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