The Truth About Working At Buffalo Wild Wings

The Truth About Working At Buffalo Wild Wings

During the Super Bowl alone, Americans eat an incredible 1.38 billion chicken wings, of both the bone-in and boneless varieties. Many of those wings, and many more throughout the year, come from the 1,200 Buffalo Wild Wings across the country, made by the thousands of employees of the nearly 40-year-old chain.


Working at Buffalo Wild Wings can be a pretty messy job, but overall, current and former employees seem to enjoy their experience. Just like any job, there are downsides, but pretty good money and a fun work environment make up for a lot. So how’s the gig? These workers revealed what it’s really like to work at Buffalo Wild Wings.


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The pay can be good | 0:00
Fun co-workers | 1:06
Kinda fresh, kinda not | 1:58
Previously frozen | 2:48
Blazin’ Challenge | 3:33
Picky customers | 4:25
Sample the food | 5:16
Uniforms will cost you | 6:01
Landing the job | 6:42
Up the ladder | 7:31
The work is hard | 8:15

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