The Truth About Wendy’s Famous Baconator

The Truth About Wendy's Famous Baconator

You never forget your first Baconator. Right up there with the Bic Mac and the Whopper, the Baconator is one of the most notable burgers you’ll find at a fast food restaurant. When Wendy’s was struggling against the ofer kings of burgers, the mighty Baconator helped put them back on the greasy map. And it all happened in the summer of 2007. In less than a year, over 68 million Baconators were sold, creating a legend.

The mission of founder Dave Thomas remains alive today thanks to the Baconator and its glistening stack of beef and bacon. But there’s so much more. What’s the secret behind the longevity of this bacon cheeseburger? Here’s the truth about Wendy’s famous Baconator.

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Born from a death | 0:00
Burgers for men | 1:15
Millions sold | 2:19
Spicy Baconator | 3:29
Baconator’s first "child" | 4:22
Surprising Baconator fries origin | 5:11
Baconator Imposter? | 6:06
Hiding drugs | 6:43
Calorie count | 7:35
The breakfast Baconator | 8:32
Baconator-flavored Pringles | 9:36

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