The Truth About Salami May Surprise You


If you’re a meat eater, odds are you’ve encountered salami on a sandwich, charcuterie plate, or, without you even knowing it’s salami, on pizza. Yes, pepperoni is a type of salami. But what is salami, exactly? How is it made? What are its origins? What’s in it? And is it any good for you?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then we’ve gone looking for some answers for you. We can tell you about the nutritional value of salami, as well as its history, the production process, and how it differs from other cured meats. As it turns out, the truth about salami may surprise you.


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What is it? | 0:00
How it’s made | 1:08
Cured vs. uncured | 2:05
What’s it taste like? | 2:49
How to serve it | 3:41
Nutritional information | 4:45
Where to buy it | 5:38

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