The Truth About Hotel Breakfast Buffets

Hotels are ubiquitous, and so are hotel breakfast buffets. You might not always find a good one, but you can at least find something pretty much anywhere you go. From full-on hot food spreads to hastily arranged plastic-encased snack options, we’ve seen and tasted it all. However, Covid-19 has made us all look at hotel breakfast buffets a little different, and we’d all do well to reconsider our breakfasting strategies the next time we eat at one. So get out your hand sanitizer, bring your appetite, and let’s take a look. This is the truth about hotel breakfast buffets.

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Powdered eggs | 0:00
But do you buffet? | 0:55
Breakfast trash | 1:46
Early bird gets the bacon | 2:23
Getting handsy | 3:16
Heating up | 3:56
No room? No problem! | 4:37

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