The Truth About Five Guys Animal Style Burgers

Wait a minute, aren’t "animal style" burgers an In-N-Out Burger secret menu item? Well, yes, they were invented at the West Coast burger chain. But it’s not the only place where you can get an animal style burger anymore. With the right order — and, we must stress, your own special sauce — you can recreate the In-N-Out specialty at Five Guys.


So if Five Guys is your preferred burger spot, or you live too far east to have access to In-N-Out at all, we know the secret to making your burger animal style at a chain that has locations all over the U.S. Here’s the truth about Five Guys animal style burgers.


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Invented by In-N-Out | 0:00
Secret menu staple | 1:30
Big burger patties | 2:43
Extra cheese is a must | 3:43
Secret sauce is DIY | 4:31
Not grilled in mustard | 5:37
Won’t cost extra | 6:28
Good as In-N-Out? | 7:31

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