The Real Reason You Don’t See Arthur Treacher’s Around Anymore

You may immediately picture Long John Silver’s when you think of fast-food seafood these days, but at one time, another chain was competing to dominate the field: Arthur Treacher’s. Named for an actor who famously played valets and butlers, the chain specialized in British-style fish and chips.

At the peak of its popularity, the chain had hundreds of locations and had endorsements from big-name celebrities. Now, only one location remains. What led to the precipitous downfall of this fish-focused chain? Believe it or not, there are wars involved. This is the real reason you don’t see Arthur Treacher’s around anymore.


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Fish and chips in America | 0:00
Ed Sullivan and Bob Hope | 1:12
The Cod Wars | 1:59
Mrs. Paul’s tried to help | 2:50
Nathan’s saved the day | 3:35
Only one location left | 4:23

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