The Real Reason Denny’s Food Is So Cheap

For nearly 70 years, Denny’s has been the go-to for people looking for a hearty breakfast on the cheap, or just to satisfy their late-night munchies. Who doesn’t love a tasty diner breakfast available 24 hours a day, after all? And the best thing about Denny’s is that you can get that breakfast — and a whole lot more — without shelling out a ton of cash.
But have you ever wondered how America’s diner can offer a stack of pancakes with eggs, sausage, and bacon for under ten bucks? The truth is that it may be costing the company’s own employees. Here’s the real reason Denny’s food is so cheap.


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Fake maple syrup | 0:00
Frozen food and instant gravy | 1:28
Liquid eggs | 2:47
Dehydrated hash browns | 3:51
Kraft macaroni and cheese | 5:07
Hyper-efficient kitchens | 6:22
Microwaved nacho meat | 7:41
Low paid employees | 8:39

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