The Most Famous Top Chef Contestants Who Never Won The Show

Top Chef has given us some incredible competition over the years, and has introduced some world class chefs to the culinary industry at the highest level. Sometimes, the chefs that get the farthest aren’t the ones who won their respective seasons. In fact, some of the most recognizable faces (and highest net worths) are attached to chefs who lost multiple times, having returned to the reality show franchise as All-Stars. Some of these chefs are known for the restaurants, others as TV personalities, and even some as actors. Whatever their place in the market place, these chefs are very nearly household names. These are the most famous Top Chef contestants who never won the show.

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Carla Hall | 0:00
Bryan Voltaggio | 1:05
Nina Compton | 1:51
Gregory Gourdet | 2:36
Kevin Gillespie | 3:26
Isaac Toups | 4:27
Antonia Lofaso | 5:15
Brian Malarkey | 6:07
Nyesha Arrington | 6:58
Dale Talde | 7:41

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