The Lime-Flavored Soda That’s Taking Over The Midwest

Your future favorite soda might be one you’ve never heard of.

Residents of Chicago, Milwaukee, and elsewhere in the Midwest have long been in love with the kelly-green, lime-flavored concoction known as Green River soda. The effervescent pop first hit the shelves in 1919, and fans have been sipping it up on its own or as a mixer with enthusiasm ever since.


"The original Green River," as it’s called, reigns especially around St. Patrick’s Day, when Chicago dyes its real-life river green amid a raucous celebration. But now the drink is starting to get attention year-round and nationwide. Curious what makes it so appealing? Don’t go green with envy – here’s why Midwesterners can’t get enough of this lime-flavored soda.


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