The Chef Show: What You Don’t Know

Baking! Frying! Slicing! Saucing! On "The Chef Show," Jon Favreau and his cooking buddy, chef Roy Choi do it all. But do you know the real story behind this unlikely duo? Come on into the kitchen and find out!

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Favreau’s passion project | 0:00
Roy turns the tables | 3:13
Cooking up a friendship | 4:04
Scarlett’s Pasta | 5:01
Cooking with the stars | 6:01
Gwyneth forgets Spidey | 7:04
Old school | 8:15
Favorite moments | 9:09
Critical darlings | 10:00
Shy kid | 10:33
Caring is sharing | 11:47
The Message | 12:19
Tricks of the trade | 12:53
Tom Holland’s first oyster | 13:56


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