The Biggest Candy Failures Of All Time

It isn’t easy to mess up candy. It’s a simple recipe in general, and anything with sugar as its main ingredient is sure to appeal to a big crowd. A lot of companies have created some pretty incredible treats over the years, and the best ones have been around for decades.


But in the candy business, the best way to grow is to come up with new product. While plenty of candy companies have flexed their creative muscle and given us some truly wonderful limited edition or seasonal goodies, others have done the complete opposite. These are the biggest candy failures of all time.


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Cadbury Creme Egg shrinkage | 0:00
Silenced Sweethearts | 1:18
Reese’s Spread | 2:23
Skittles Sweet Heat | 3:16
Ayds diet candy | 4:13
Haribo sugar-free gummy bears | 5:30
Toblerone’s new pyramids | 6:39
Pumpkin Spice M&M’s | 7:39
Elvis-inspired Reese’s cups | 8:40

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