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The Best Substitutes For Parchment Paper

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The Best Substitutes For Parchment Paper

If you consider yourself an aspiring cook or baker — or both! — chances are you’ve got at least one roll of parchment paper stored away in your pantry. After all, the material is undeniably useful when it comes to both food preparation and baking, since its silicone coating prevents food from sticking to its surface. Add heat and water resistance into the mix, and you’ve got a nearly invaluable kitchen staple.

But what happens when tragedy strikes and you reach for your parchment paper only to realize that you’re all out? Rather than running to the store to replace it, why not check your kitchen cabinets (and, in one case, your fridge) for these alternatives? These are the best substitutes for parchment paper.

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Wax Paper | 0:00
Aluminum Foil | 1:01
Plastic Wrap | 2:08
Silpat | 3:00
Cooking Spray | 4:04
Butter and Flour | 4:50

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