The Absolute Biggest Flops In Chipotle History

Though it has definitely reached its peak popularity over the past few years, Chipotle has been around longer than you might think. Since it first opened in 1993, the chain has expanded to more than 2,700 locations across the United States. It’s gotten that big by offering a high-quality alternative to typical Mexican fast-food offerings.


In its nearly 30 years serving up burritos, bowls and more, Chipotle has tried and tested all kinds of different dishes to varying degrees of success. Some have become fan favorites, some faded out of memory, and still others had massive public flameouts. These are the absolute biggest flops in Chipotle history.


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Cauliflower Rice | 0:00
Chorizo | 0:58
Queso | 1:41
Buñuelos | 2:24
Carne Asada | 2:40
Mexican Chocolate Shake | 3:34
Smoked Brisket | 4:05
Sofritas | 4:50

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