Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients | S2 E2 SORTEDfood

In today’s episode our normals, Mike and Jamie, will ask the age-old question.. Pretentious or not?! Delicious dishes, childish humour and potentially Pretentious Ingredients, perfect video right?!

Below are links to the Pretentious Ingredients reviewed:
Grated Grey Mullet Bottarga: https://www.nifeislife.com/tinned-packed-fish/4265-grated-muggine-bottarga-40g.html
​​Kanzuri Paste: https://www.sushisushi.co.uk/blogs/education/what-is-kanuri
Cantabrian Anchovies: https://www.thetinnedfishmarket.com/tins/p/zallo-anchovies-premium
Lemon Juice Powder: https://www.souschef.co.uk/products/lemon-juice-powder

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