Summer Melon Cake

Melon is delicious. I am sure that many people have the desire to make melon into a cake.
I also tried it a few years ago.
But it failed several times.
Even if melon is mixed with gelatin or hard cream, or frozen, it melts as soon as it comes out at room temperature.
As some of you may know, this is because melons contain a proteolytic enzyme called cucusimin.
So I couldn’t make melon cake.
But recently, I thought that boiling melon would destroy the enzymes, so I wondered if it could be made into a cake. So I tested it. Melon juice was boiled and simmered to make cream and jelly. The results were very good. Melon cream and jelly did not melt. The melon flavor was still there.
So, today I am going to share with you the recipe.



♥︎melon balls
About 13 Honeydew Melon Balls 3cm (⌀) + Spare
About 13 cantaloupe melons 3cm (⌀) + spare
A little watermelon ball 2cm (⌀)
Dig up with a melon baller

♥︎ Melon puree
500g honeydew melon (blended)
*Simmer over medium heat for 6-7 minutes. After boiling, it weighs approximately 340 g.


♥︎Melon cream
130g melon puree + 18g sugar
4 g gelatin
140g whipped cream + 10g sugar

♥︎melon jelly
180g melon puree + 18g Sugar
3.5 g gelatin

♥︎ Genoise (18cm)
60g cake flour
1 g salt
93 g egg
60 g sugar
23 g milk
13 g melted butter
2 g vanilla extract
A little bit of leaf green food coloring

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