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I made a really delicious pumpkin risotto with simple ingredients.
It’s a taste everyone from adults to children will love.
Make it delicious with your family~


[2 servings]
✤ Ingredients
-20 g butter
-100g onion
-200g of soaked rice (150g of unsoaked rice)
-150ml of water
-300ml Pumpkin puree
-16g(1tbsp) Chicken stock
-175g roasted pumpkin
-17g Parmesan cheese

✤ Pumpkin puree
-175g roasted pumpkin
-200ml of water


✤ Stir-fried pumpkin
-350g sweet pumpkin
-10g butter
-1tbsp cooking oil (rice spoon)

✤ Stir-fried mushrooms (can be omitted)
-100g oyster mushrooms
-1tbsp cooking oil (rice spoon)
-2 pinches of salt
-Black pepper

✤ decoration
-Stir-fried mushrooms
-Roasted pumpkin
-Parmesan cheese
-Celery leaves

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